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Promised Land Trail

The Promised Land is waiting for you:

Discover the fertile land that beckoned Tennessee's first settlers.

They came from Northeast Tennessee, over the Cumberland Plateau, through Granville, into Nashville and beyond. It was quite a challenge for Tennessee's first settlers to make their way. The first trail and road used in Middle Tennessee were the Avery Trace, and the Historic Walton Road. Many believed they would reach a "Promised Land" at the end of the Journey!


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Discover Tennessee's Promised Land Trail. One of 16 self-guided driving tours across the state of Tennessee - leaving Davidson County, and traveling through Wilson, Smith, Jackson, Putnam, Cumberland, White and DeKalb


One of the most convenient elements of the Promised Land Trail is that you can stay on Highway 70 for your entire journey.

Along the way you'll arrive in Granville and visit the 1800's T.B. Sutton General Store, Museums and enjoy live bluegrass music every Saturday night. Then Experience multiple wineries along the trail, including DelMonaco Winery in Baxter.


... gotta say I love Granville ... we ride the Harley down thru there all the time cuz it's so beautiful ... Carol



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This Cumberland River port was a contested area throughout the war. Stay connected online with the museum and  this trail on Facebook!

Tennessee Civil War 150 Series Promo

Civil War in Upper Cumberland

The Civil War (1861 to 1865) was very difficult time for our country and state. Most Tennesseans experienced enormous political, social, and economic struggles.

During the Civil War except for Virginia more battles and skirmishes were fought in Tennessee. Tennessee was a contested state in the Confederacy. This means that Tennessee had support for both sides. Being right next to the Union state of Kentucky, It was a place for both armies to enter into the other side's land.

This is why so much fighting happened in Tennessee. More than 64,000 Confederate soldiers and 59,000 Union soldiers died here.

(Photo by: Randy Harris-Nashville Photography Club)
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The American Civil War

John Cannady Cooper

Rev. John Cannady Cooper married Rhonda Pattonon 17 April 1834 in Jackson Co. Tennessee.

He was born 17 Dec. 1814, and was ordained a Cumberland Presbyterian minister. He was also a skilled cabinet maker.

He served as a chaplain in the Confederate Army and died on March 24, 1865. 

Six of their seven children were all born at the family home on the edge of Granville. He lies across from his family homestead.


Ring of Fire Trail

An exciting mix of history and music awaits visitors to the Ring of Fire Highway, which weaves its way through a rustic landscape punctuated with wineries and small towns.

Country music stars love to work and play in Nashville. Once they put down their instruments, many recording stars head home to surrounding communities

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Upper Cumberland Quilt jameshallison casino Trail

We would like to invite you to drive along the Upper Cumberland Quilt Trail and enjoy the beautiful countryside of Jackson and Putnam Counties, Tennessee. Some of the Jackson County Quilts are from the Civil War. The Underground Railways used Quilts "hidden in plain site" on clothes lines to guide runaway slaves or tell them where a "stop" on the railway was located.

The Trail is a very scenic driving tour. See the beautiful historic barns, and shops owned by local families.

They have quilt patterns painted on 8' x 8' wood squares. The blocks are replicas of treasured family quilts made by local women. In painting their favorite patterns on barns, and buildings we are honoring our local quilters, who are well known for their skills of using every piece of scrap fabric to create a beautiful work of art that is also a useful item in the home.

Come see all 12 Jackson County Quilts along the way are some of the local fabric shops, country stores, antiques shops, galleries, and historical places. Stop, and have dinner at the many quaint "eateries" and enjoy some local flavor. There are many established and famous Quilt Trails throughout the country.

Upper Cumberland Quilt Trail - Granville, Tennessee

Basket Quilt Block Pattern which appears on Granville Bed & Breakfast & Gifts is one of the very popular basket quilt patterns of it's day.  The original quilt was sewn as a confederate fund raiser in the Raus Community of Bedford County, Tennessee by Mary High Prince and friends. 

The original quilt was pieced of cotton and line material and assorted scraps which dates 1863-1864.  Each basket block contained the name of a Tennessee volunteer written in poke ink on the fabric.  Later in 1910, when Mary was seventy years old, she pieced a pillow from fabric scraps from clothing worn by her and friends during the civil war.

Sutton Store Quilt Block

The quilt pattern that appears on the historic Sutton General Store in Granville was taken from an appliquéd quilt made in 1861 by Annie Price and Laura Little in Shady Valley in Johnson County.  Colored calicos were appliquéd onto a white background and then the finished blocks were diamond quilted with stipple contour quilting in the background of the appliquéd blocks.  This quilt was pieced in 1861 and then given as a gift to Annie's sister, Mrs. Sampson Cole, who daughter, Mrs. James Madison Little quilted it in 1864.  This is a more innovative design than most appliquéd quilts and produces a strong visual image with the diagonal arrangement.

Discover Tennessee in a new way: explore the backroads and byways of Tennessee Trails.

Visit local gems such as wineries, historic main streets, quaint restaurants, scenic spots for outdoor adventure and much more.

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